Join us for the First Due RMS Launch Party at FRI

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Join us at FRI for the First Due RMS Launch Party

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Your entire operation. One platform.

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Why are Chiefs Choosing First Due?


Fire & EMS Software is Broken

As times change, keeping up with the demands of modern firefighting and response is more important than ever. From Pre-Incident Planning to Response and Incident Reporting, Fire and EMS agencies nationwide struggle to effectively manage their day-to-day operations in a single platform.

No True Single Platform

No software platform effectively manages everything your agency needs across prevention, response, incident reporting, assets, and personnel.

Outdated Technology

Many of the current platforms are built using legacy technology and do not take advantage of modern cloud software benefits, such as upgrades and flexibility.

Lack of Innovation

As a result, agencies are often locked into older software versions and do not receive the kind of feature innovation that is required in these ever-changing times.

Not Responder Focused

Most platforms are focused on compliance and records management, not on ensuring first responders have the information they need at the time of dispatch.

Difficult Collaboration

Accessing data and information is a struggle for your own agency, let alone for cross-agency or jurisdiction collaborations pre-, during and post incident.

Broken Software Has Real-World Impact


More Staff

Higher Total
Cost of

Increased Risk


We're Changing the Way Public Safety Software Works

An end-to-end solution, born in the cloud - built to run your entire operation in one place.

True Cloud Solution

Scheduling & Personnel

Pre-Incident Planning

Incident Reporting

Community Engagement

Mobile Response

Fire Inspections

Asset Management


End-to-end Solutions for the Fire Service





Scheduling & Personnel

Community Connect

Assets & Inventory

Pre-Incident Planning

Automatically aggregate critical information on every structure in your response area so you have pre-plans on every structure within weeks with no effort from your team.

Every Structure

Pre-Plan in Minutes

Analyze & Manage


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Fire Prevention

Complete any type of inspection using intuitive and flexible checklists with full integrated pre-planning for company level inspections.

Next-Gen Inspections

Virtual CRR

Enterprise Management

Responder Friendly

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Incident Reporting

Document fire company responses with fully scalable, NFIRS and NFORS compliant reporting system designed for ease of use by field responders. Automatic submission to state and federal regulatory bodies.

Next-Gen Incident Reporting



Enterprise Management

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Pre-plan information
CAD Integration
Schedule and Assignments


Local / State


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Mobile Responder

Complete mobile response functionality enables your crew to receive notifications immediately from dispatch - status, track vehicles / personnel and route to an incident.


Access Critical Data

Share Information

Available Anywhere

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Reinvent Cross Agency Collaboration

Seamlessly Share Critical Pre-Plan Data with Neighbors







Scheduling & Personnel

Schedule personnel with simple drag & drop functionality utilizing a best-of-breed scheduling platform.

Improved Scheduling



Enterprise Management

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Any shift


Any device

Community Connect

Community Connect allows Residents to create a Household Life Safety Profile in minutes and empowers your agency with the marketing engine you need to get the word out and drive on-going engagement.

Engage Residents

Engage Businesses

Automate Processes


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Assets & Inventory

Real-time insight and statistics into apparatus & equipment health, usage and compliance - seamlessly linked to First Due Scheduling, Incident Reporting & more.

Enhanced Asset Management

Next-Gen Vehicle Checks

Work Order Management

Powerful Automation


Access & Share Information Anywhere, Anytime

Access First Due on any device and achieve true interoperability across borders and agencies.

Any operating system

Any Device

What Makes First Due Different?

One Cloud-Based Platform

We've built a solution that does everything in a single platform, with maintenance, upgrades and access on any device.

Aggressive Innovation

We build what you need faster and innovate to stay ahead of the rapidly changing world of Public Safety.

Holistic Vision

More than just compliance. We build for response, for your community and inter-agency interoperability.

Team & Culture

We partner with you to continue to innovate and support for your agency's specific needs. Client Success is core to what we do.

Built for Your IT

We understand every agency has unique IT workflows. We build to seamlessly bridge the gaps between CAD, GIS and more.

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Trusted Nationwide

From Volunteer Agencies to America's Largest Cities

Asheville Fire Department

Asheville, NC

Charlotte Fire Department

Charlotte, NC

Fairfax County Fire Department

Fairfax, VA

Fort Worth Fire Department

Fort Worth, TX

Ft. Lauderdale Fire Rescue

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Mesa, AZ

Reno Fire Department

Reno, NV

Seattle Fire Department

Seattle, WA

Doug Palmesi

Fire Captain

Hartsdale Fire Department

When we arrived to the house, what I was looking at on First Due was an exact match to what I was looking at in real life...The guys knew exactly where and what everything was, it was pretty incredible, it felt like a well-rehearsed dance...We haven't been on a call without First Due ever since.  

Jeff Smith

Deputy Chief

Orange Beach Fire Department

What we found was incredibly useful as First Due enabled us to access buoy data from offshore to monitor wind speeds and wave height, so we could better estimate the time frame of major winds/storm surge arriving in Orange Beach.

Deputy Fire Chief

Barry Spriggs

Arcadia Fire Department

A the 2020 Bobcat fire quickly approached, we first went in to First Due and used the Occupancy Organizer to view a concise list of addresses that housed our at-risk residents and then provided this list to our partners in Law Enforcement as they were putting together their evacuation plans.

Assistant Chief of Fire & EMS Operations

Stuart Grant

Grapevine Fire Department

We get calls all the time from people in our community who want to make sure we know their situation in case we are ever called to their home. They call with things like where medication is located, information on mobility issues for people who would need extra assistance in evacuating, where bedrooms of small children or grandchildren are located, and other details specific to their home and family. It's so helpful being able to refer them to Community Connect where they can tell us everything, and then there it is, available to us the second we need it.

Battalion Chief

David Jacobs

Fort Myers Fire Department

"First Due means consistency, ease of preplan creation and information access and community engagement through community connect."

Fire Marshal

Roger Parker

Elk Creek Fire Department

"I've been in the fire service for 49 years and I've always struggled to get the preplan information to the firefighters in the field where they can access it and apply it to help protect their community and themselves. First Due has created a solution that is easy to use and easy to understand because it's visual. Now with v3 I can annotate and color code the occupancies in accordance with the Community Risk Reduction model that is being used for NFPA, ISO and Accreditation.”