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Discover how California Communities Re-imagine Emergency Preparedness & Response with First Due.

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The way Fire Agencies approach Pre-Incident Planning, Community Risk Reduction, and Emergency Response is broken. We've re-imagined everything. Meet with our team at FDAC 2020 to learn more. What does the future of preparedness look like for your agency?

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March 31, 2020


April 3, 2020

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From Volunteer Agencies to America's Largest Cities

Beverly Hills Fire Department

Beverly Hills, CA

Rio Vista Fire Department

Rio Vista, CA

Pre-Incident Planning, Community Engagement
& Mobile Response Are Broken

Limited Access

Emergency response personnel do not get the critical scene and building information they need when responding. Especially on residential structures where most calls and injuries take place.

Manual Collection

Manual collection of occupancy and inspection data is time consuming, expensive, and often outdated. It’s also only completed on commercial structures, leaving a massive data gap from a community risk perspective with no information directly from the community.


Even if Fire Agencies do a great job collecting occupancy data, it’s often not easily accessible or quickly consumable in the field. More often than not, valuable data is ignored completely and is nearly impossible to share when it is needed most.

Re-imagining Pre-Incident & Community
Engagement Planning for the Way You Respond


Aggregate Every Source of Important Information to Build a Pre-Plan on Every Structure Out-of-the-Box.








Every Structure

A Pre-Incident Plan for Every Structure - Even Residential. Out of the box, First Due covers your entire respose area.

Constantly Current

Your Pre-Plans will remain ever-current and update dynamically with new Information across your connected data sources.

Only What's Important

You are alerted to only the most critical information based on the type of response in a format you can consume in seconds.


Build upon Out-Of the-Box Pre-Incident Plans with World Class Mapping and Planning Tools in the Field in Minutes
  • Custom & NFPA Standard Icons

  • Annotation Functionality

  • Floor-by-Floor Plans

  • Special Event Plans

  • Detailed Occupancy Organization

  • Scheduling & Workflow Management


Incorporate Structural and Occupancy Property Information from Residents & Business Owners. Take High Hazards a step further with two-way communication during an event and Community Assisted Pre-Planning.

Data Directly from Residents

Structural Specifics, Contacts, Functional Needs, Pets, Meeting Places & More.

Out-of-the Box Outreach Program

Come Equipped with a Resident Facing Landing Page, Print Marketing Materials and a Guide to Community Success.

Always Updated

Automatic Data Refresh Emails sent to the resident to ensure information is up to date.

Available at the Time of Response

See community sourced details when you need them most.

In this report from Local 10 Fort Lauderdale, First Due and Battalion Chief Steve Golan of the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department dive into how creating a direct line of communication with high hazard leadership through First Due Community Connect can cut high-rise response times nearly in half.

Collaborate Directly with High Hazard Owners and Managers

Allow Property Owners and Managers to Securely Provide Critical Data Including Contact Information, Functional Needs, Mapping, Documents and Access Information.

Access Pre-Plans at the Time of Response

Data added through Community Connect made available to First Responders at the time of an Incident - Integrated with Dispatch and in a format you can consume in seconds.

Communicate Effectively During an Incident

Automatically notify building owners, security or management teams of your arrival, open a direct line of communication and even have them share location and access info on the fly.


What you need, when you need it, on any device.

Linked to CAD

Available on Web, iOs and Android

In a Format You Can Consume in Seconds

Alert Tiles
Size-Up Story
Map Layers

Reinvent Cross Agency Collaboration

Seamlessly Share Critical Pre-Plan Data with Neighbors







Engineered for your IT

Powerful Partnerships from Data to Response
Re-imagining the Science of Where
First Due partners with Esri to provide an emergency response solution that finally solves the problem of accessing critical data when responding to an incident.
The Future of Connected Government Meets Emergency Response.
First Due partners with Socrata to provide an Emergency Response solution that finally solves the problem of accessing critical data when responding to an incident.

Learn More about First Due's
Technology Partners…


David Jacobs

Battalion Chief

Fort Myers Fire Department

"First Due means consistency, ease of preplan creation and information access and community engagement through community connect."

Fire Marshal

Roger Parker

Elk Creek Fire Department

"I've been in the fire service for 49 years and I've always struggled to get the preplan information to the firefighters in the field where they can access it and apply it to help protect their community and themselves. First Due has created a solution that is easy to use and easy to understand because it's visual. Now with v3 I can annotate and color code the occupancies in accordance with the Community Risk Reduction model that is being used for NFPA, ISO and Accreditation.”

Rick Spenser


Cortez Fire Protection District

"First Due has helped us complete pre-plans faster and more accurately."

Jacob Boothby

Battalion Chief

Central Matanuska-Susitna Borough Fire Department

"Crews are actually completing pre plans. We have at least a general idea of what the structure we are responding to is. Community Connect has given us a platform to provide service to the public that we have not been able to do in the past."

Pre-Plan Coordinator

Ronny Smith

Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue

"First Due has assisted in our transition from pre-plan binders in the rigs to an automated pre-plan system available on each run."

Chris Kinsler

Sr. Analyst

Fort Worth Fire Department

1) One consolidated place for Pre-Planning
2) Consolidation of information from multiple sources
3) Field benefit from First Due’s Mobile App