Transforming Emergency Response

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First Due partners with Streamline Automation for prevention, violation & critical occupancy data direct from RMS at the time of response.

Pre-Incident Planning & Records Management Re-Imagined

  • Streamline data more accessible in the field during a response in a format your crew can consume in seconds.
  • Automatically Share your Streamline Occupancy and Prevention data with your neighboring departments “enroute” for mutual and automatic aid calls.
  • Easy to use mobile Pre-Incident Plan data collection and mapping tool so your line crew can be actively involved with data collection./
  • CAD integrated Mobile Response App so you can receive your calls, confirm you’re responding, route to an incident and access Occupancy data on your mobile device.
  • Residential Size-Up data on all structures in your response area by integrating right into your assessor and other data sources so you have a head start on your pre-plans
  • All in a Single Platform.

See a Live Demo of First Due and Streamline Automation

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