Pre-Incident Planning

Reimagining Emergency Preparedness

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Data on every structure automatically with no work from your team!


Intuitive pre-plan mapping and data collection tool available on any device.


Analyze, Assign, Schedule and Report on data for every structure in minutes.


Pre-plans available to your crews in the field at the time of response.

Every Structure

Automatically aggregate critical information on every structure in your response area so you have pre-plans on every structure within weeks with no effort from your team.


Building Dept.

FIre Prevention


Open Data

Social Media


Building Department

Fire Prevention


Open Data

Social Media

Pre-Plan In Minutes

Easily collect critical occupancy and geospatial data in the field with a best-in-class data collection and mapping platform. Intuitive to use, and available on any device for pre-planning in minutes.

NFPA and custom map markers

Building systems and structural Information

Critical systems such as alarm panels, shutoffs and fire systems

Hazardous Materials

Attachments such as policies and plans

Multi-building and level support

Available on any Device

Analyze & Manage

Take control over your response area with the ability to assign and schedule pre-plans, analyze inspection history and gain better insights to risk in your response area - ensuring the best ISO score possible!


Instantly access critical structure and occupant data at the time of response on any device - tied directly to CAD. Be notified, access pre-plans, status, route, and manage incidents in just seconds.

Engineered for your IT

Powerful Partnerships from Data to Response
Re-imagining the Science of Where
First Due partners with Esri to provide an emergency response solution that finally solves the problem of accessing critical data when responding to an incident.
Simplify your Reporting & RMS
First Due partners with Emergency Reporting so your RMS data can finally be available to operations, out in the field, on any device.
Built for the Way You Respond
First Due partners with Central Square to provide an emergency response solution that finally solves the problem of accessing critical data when responding to an incident. Pre-incident planning & mobile response re-imagined.

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Asheville Fire Department

Asheville, NC

Charlotte Fire Department

Charlotte, NC

Ft. Lauderdale Fire Rescue

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ocala Fire & Rescue

Ocala, FL

Reno Fire Department

Reno, NV

Rio Vista Fire Department

Rio Vista, CA

Spokane Fire Department

Spokane, WA

Thomasville Fire Department

Thomasville, GA