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First Due partners with Emergency Reporting so your RMS data can finally be available to operations, out in the field, on any device.

Pre-Incident Planning & Mobile Response Re-Imagined

  • Data on every structure in your response area, including residential, with integration to Esri, Assessor and other municipal data sources giving you an understanding of all structures in your response area and head start on pre-plans.
  • Fire Prevention & RMS Data easily accessible and more usable in the field during a response – in a format your crews can consume in seconds.
  • Automatically Share your pre-incident plan, prevention and occupancy data with your neighboring departments during mutual and automatic aid calls.
  • Easy to use mobile Pre-Incident Plan data collection and mapping so your line crew can be actively involved with data collection.
  • Responder Friendly Dashboard so your dynamic data is compressed into a single page with an automatic size-up story and alert tiles customized to your SOGs.
  • One Platform with Central Square so you can receive your calls, access preplans and launch First Due directly from Central Square Mobile Product!

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